The WE Project

Jay Barnett struggled in his youth without a father to guide him and teach him to become a man. He was broken, angry, hurt and depressed, he was a ticking timebomb with a short fuse. Jay made a decision to change his path of self destruction on his way to an untimely death. This program is based on his own experience in becoming the man he is today. This is his vision.

I believe in this program. The WE project has reached what some people deem the unreachable even going as far as to say the “throwaways”. Everyday our girls are becoming lost, beaten down and growing tired of life. The WE project doesnt believe in leaving anyone behind. When everyone else throws in the towel because kids don’t listen, don’t show respect, don’t do what they are asked to do, get pregnant, drop out of school, deal drugs, commit suicide….the WE project breaks down the barriers and breathes life back into our lost queens. At the WE Project we work with our students to develop a sense of who they are and who they are not, to recognize and honor their unique characters. We teach through practical exercises, providing tools and guidance to become Women of Excellence.

Life is about making choices. Today more than ever the choices facing young women are are difficult. Everyone wants to drive in the fast lane but don’t even know where they are going? This program teaches vision and values. It gives our girls the courage to release the past and embrace their future. It gives hope. I’m so blessed to see the beautiful young women here today excited about life and a renewed purpose. I hope your journey takes you to many exciting places but most of all I hope you take what you have learned and share the power in this message with your friends, your family and your teachers. God bless.