The ME Project

The ME Project, or Men of Excellence program, is a five week course for young men in middle school or junior high. The program features interactive practical exercises; activities and journaling that help teens grasp the concepts being presented to them. These concepts are the key factors that are found to be causing teens the most trouble in becoming successful adults.

The start of the course introduces the speaker, Jay Barnett. He grabs their attention with anecdotes and comedy, as well as a brief history of his own famous accomplishments in acting and football. His manner and attitude with the teens keeps their attention and helps him get his message across to them in a way that will actually sink in. Teens are very likely to remember what he has to say, and take key concepts away from the course that will help them become men of excellence.

The topics include discussions on identity and character, which focus on how the boys see themselves and what type of man they would like to become. It puts into their mind a real concept of identity, as well as a concept of the type of man they want to be. The next topics of discussion are about mental endurance through the challenges that young men face, and seeing beyond where they are at or from, to the potential of what they can become. This includes topics of combating peer pressure and the pressures of everyday life and school. Finally, Barnett encourages the boys to have an attitude for success.