The ME and WE projects are designed for young women and men in middle school or early high school. These programs benefit teens and allow them to learn what it means to be successful. The programs give teens the tools they will need to grow to maturity in a healthy and successful way. They will learn many things about themselves and the challenges they face.
These programs are presented by Jay Barnett in cooperation with partners that offer the five week courses. Barnett has many years of experience in presenting similar material to teens. He has a way of grabbing their attention and making sure that they get the message. Barnet also presents other topics to teens and young adults as well, providing them with much to think about in terms of their future success as productive adults.
The ME and WE projects goal is to improve our society and give our kids the best fighting chance they can have in getting through adolescence. The programs have the goal of creating men and women of excellence, something that could be considered a very lofty ideal. These programs are presented in partnership with schools and organizations that deal with young people every day.
With these partnerships, Jay Barnett is able to give his message to even more kids in need of hearing it. These programs are for all teens, but especially those meeting with the unique challenges that meet urban youth. Likewise, the other topics that Barnett speaks on are for all youth, encouraging them to think more of themselves and their futures.
Jay Barnett himself has a masterful presence, one that commands the attention of teens and really gets his message across to them. They look up to him and respect him as a man of excellence, a motivator, and as someone who talks and has the answers of today’s youth. His life’s careers as an actor and former professional football player also play an inspiring role of the youth, proving that nothing is out of reach if the mindset is right. He provides young men with a positive role model, and one that encourages them to excellence both now and in the future.
These programs are unique in that they address the very important challenges that youth face in today’s society as they grow to become adults. These programs and seminars will help young people come to terms with those challenges and meet them head on, which will in turn set them up for success in high school and beyond. Contact us for more information.